So this idea occurred to me the other day about writing on experiences I believe express what give us a clear understanding of what life can give and teach us when we accept them for what they should be. Over the course of the next few months, I will will post these and hopefully help you see that even the simplest of experiences can give us so much. Once I have completed publishing 100 of these experiences, I will make these available in an ebook. Please feel free to post on these.

C.L. Harmon

1. Ride In Something At Over 100 MPH

Of course I mean with someone and something safe and not with your 19 year old cousin who just had the engine rebuilt in the 1981 Trans Am he bought from Craigslist. There is something thrilling that happens in the body and the brain when we go fast, an excitement that seems overwhelmingly enjoyable. It’s fear, rebellion and an odd sense of joy all rolled up together. The power of a precision machine that lifts us into the air or sucks us to the ground is to release all control and exit the mundane if only for a few seconds.

It becomes easy to get comfortable in a presumed state of safety, to avoid what is mentally intoxicating in our quest for self-preservation. And though we survive in our cocoons of security, we do only that, survive. Take a ride on the wild side if but only once. Allow yourself to let go of everything and experience the freedom of having no control.