Why is it that we fear those who seem foreign to us? What is it about us that allows our differences to bridge distances between us when that very bridge could be keeping us from reaching that which we need the most?
Overt actions of contempt or the intentional act of ignoring someone simply because that person is different is a grave injustice to ourselves. We are all born with messages to share that develop as we grow. These insights are sent to us by our Creator with the notion that some will be given to individuals and others to the masses to help us in times of need and to become the people we should be.
Those messages are not always sent in packages that make us at ease and without fear because in the Creator’s eye, the package is as much a message as the actual message inside. Once we overcome our fear and close the distance, we have not only learned the insight of others but the fact that it was never difference that separated us but simply what we had not yet learned from others.