C.L. Harmon

We are surrounded by mystery and awe. It is in all creation. But for all of creation’s magnificence, it does not beg us for attention. It does not need us, and it knows it. There is so much beauty and brilliance to be seized upon by our senses and yet we miss so much. Though science reveals many of the mysteries, it only provides us with even more puzzles we never even thought existed and awes us at what we do discover.

From the simplest to the most complex creations, there are enigmas which are truly remarkable. But when we fail to acknowledge them, we deny ourselves everything that makes them so incredible. What we fail to experience never becomes a part of us. We do not see a Creator if we do not see the details in creation. They simply become phenomena with no reason and little meaning.

Creation is meant to enlighten us on a different level than education and talent. It is a direct connection to our very being which gives us an understanding we otherwise would not acquire. Knowledge is learned but enlightenment is a metamorphosis of the senses into consciousness. If we just take moments to experience what is around us, we will awaken to not just one world, but to countless ones that invite us into an existence beyond our imagination.