The truth is that there have been moments in my life when I have loved being depressed. I loved it with a passion that I will never be able to explain to anyone who has never known madness. It’s power, freedom clarity and safety beyond understanding. It is a blessing lost within a curse that dies in a hot breath and is reborn in a simple sigh. It’s life through a pouring rain of hot bullets and gentle cool drops.

Found means nothing without the experience of being lost. We only find what we all truly seek in the chaos that leads us through darkness. Reason emerges because of that chaos which we need to find for explanation and purpose. Once found, it can be accepted, understood and used. Misery and joy are both guides in this life. Each takes us to destinations which give us both power and vulnerability. They are not good or evil, but life tools.

Your chaos will come. It always comes. But when it does, realize it as the blessing within the curse that it is. Suffer from it what you can to extract the enlightenment which is at its core. It is your purposeful journey to reason; your cost for recognizing happiness. Allow it to strengthen, teach and become a part of you which you can then control. True happiness is forged in the dark. Without it, joy is simply a myth we chase never seeing that it is not that it doesn’t exist, but that we simply don’t know it when it comes to light.