We should never hold someone else to a higher standard than we hold ourselves. We should not expect more from them than we ourselves are willing to be, give or do. Sometimes that standard can come in the form of an example and often times in a word. Those simple gestures or words form building blocks which allow negativity to move forward and build foundations upon us.

It is imperative that we acknowledge our mistakes. Not just so we can learn from them but so we can forgive ourselves and be forgiving when others make their mistakes. There is no greater equality than that which is in forgiveness. It reminds us that we have all been, without exception, guilty of transgression and victims of its consequences.

Through forgiveness, we find that we do not have to endure a life of crushing rubble which keeps us down preventing us from rising above negativity. Instead, we can move forward and raise humanity’s standards by simply standing on the belief that our imperfect nature makes us perfectly equal.