By C.L. Harmon
We live in a world that contains many other worlds within it.
Understanding that we all live in these different worlds is key to
finding peace and making sense of our realities.

We live in the world that our parents built for them and us as
children. We live in the world we build for ourselves as adults and we
live in the world that we and our children create for themselves.
Think for a moment of the complexities of living in so many
worlds at the same time and how our transition into these worlds each
day affect our lives.
If we spend time with our parents, then we must grasp the concept that
part of their lives has been spent in a time in which we did not exist
and in a world that is still only real to them. We will never fully
understand that part of their lives and the impact it had on who they
became as individuals.
When we spend time with our children, we must also grasp that they are
developing in a time that is very different from the one we
experienced at their age of development. As times change, so do the
circumstances of people.
So it is not the belief that one is right and the other wrong that
should dictate how we live, but the choice to understand that concepts
are born out of circumstance and rhythm and harmony between different
worlds are obtained only through choosing to understand. And that
the choice is always ours, regardless of what world we are living in at
the moment