We suffer, we bleed, we follow, we lead, and through it all, we learn. We kill dreams and prolong pain to be swallowed up in darkness and yet still seek light when there is none. And through it all, we learn. We build what nature destroys while we destroy what nature creates in order to build and we hope to learn. We seek treasures in hopes of gaining value before we know how to define value and through it all, we hope to learn.

We borrow fear and then find courage. We stumble in darkness, proclaim blindness all the while refuse to see the light. And with hope maybe we can learn. We sacrifice nothing and expect something, sometimes everything and with hope maybe, just maybe we can still learn. We blame anyone so we do not have accept that we are the broken one. When will we learn? We break those around us as though their cracks somehow repair us. Do we ever learn? We study the past with presumptions that we already know. Yet we sin the same as those before us.  And still it seems we can only hope to learn.

We surrender to difficulties instead of overcoming challenges. We kill what is pure so that we recognize evil and then look away at what is the burning angst inside. We call lost home because it allows us to be selfish when home expects us to be giving. And yet with all that is known, we just never learn.