By C.L. Harmon
The concept of free will is simple in its definition, but baffling to
many of us since the choices we make do not always lead us to the
outcomes for which we hoped and believed. How is it that some make
choices to pursue specific goals and make similar choices as others to
attain those goals, but do not the achieve the goals while others do.
I believe this is because of the choices we make with the actual
freewill we are given. One of the greatest gifts we can give our
Creator, who gave us free will, is to trust him so much that we give
it back to Him. This action tells Him that we believe so much that His
choices for us will be greater than any we could have chosen for
However, as a result of this, we are led on a journey that is often
blind and appears to make no sense. Others who choose to keep their
freewill and guide themselves often do reach their goals, but will not
attain the greater gifts and understanding in this life He had set
aside for them.
It is our choice to trust in our Creator or to trust in ourselves.
This is true free will. However, we cannot serve ourselves and the
Creator too. Perhaps the greatest gift He gave us was the opportunity
to give our destinies back to him, instead of leaving us to battle the
world without His guidance.